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Product SKU: SAT66600

Voltage converter 220v to 120v/110v, 100watt


DW100 - 100 WATT
13x 9 x 9cm, 1.48kg
Step up or Step-down voltage converter
Voltage conversion: From mains AC 220v or 240v to AC 110v
or 120v . Convert appliances designed to operate on AC 110v
or 120v to be used on mains voltage of 220v or vice versa.
Frequency conversion: North American AC frequency is at
60Hz whereas South African AC frequency is at 50Hz. The
converter does not convert the frequency and will be at 50Hz
if connecting to South African mains supply. Most appliances
operating on 60Hz appliances have a negligible effect when
used on 50hz. The efficiency of motors may be slightly
affected as well as appliances that rely on AC frequency for
timing. If unsure contact manufacturer of appliance.
Example: Choosing the correct converter. The recommended
converter should be 40% or higher than the wattage of the
appliance. . If the appliance label states 120v, 60 Hz , 2A ,
multiply 120V x 2A = 240 watt, which is the wattage of the
Based on the above information the DW100 can
be used on appliances that consumes 71.4 watt or

Voltage converters can be purchased via Takealot  or  Satronics Direct


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